IF there is a SECRET SANTA in your plans

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IF Christmas is approaching, there is nothing more helpful than a gift guide like the one you are going to read. The latter provides unconventional but effective ideas to consider when strolling around shops or desperately surfing on the net, seeking for a present.

This gift guide will be addressed to different but important figures in every person life like could be a friend, an office co-worker, parents or a lover. And what about you, who is missing in your Christmas presents to do list?

IF you do not know what to gift to a fanatic homeowner, I will be your saviour providing you with the following gift ideas:

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  • Lifestyle books by Assouline: luxury collection of books entirely dedicated to beautiful destinations around the world! You should definitely check it out IF you desire to embellish your living room table…
  • Floral Beauty Cases by @maoubymarielle: you can place an order directly on the brand IG page!!
  • Minimalistic Lamps: a MUST have IF the homeowner you are gifting has a minimalistic design in his or her house.
  • The Boot Bottle Opener: the kitchen tool you believed you would never see on the market is now available on OU! To add to the cart, right ?
  • Storage Crates: IF you want to gift something functional, here you have it. These storage crates can be useful both in and out your wardrobe. They have multiple uses and look super nice in any corner of the house.
  • The Daisy Glass: words cannot describe how beautiful this glass looks. On the website, you can choose among different options of flowers/plants!
  • The Fatboy Pillow: perfect spot to relax, read and watch a movie. A little bit expensive but for sure, durable over time.
  • Egg shaped rug: an unconventional touch to the bathroom!
  • Milk Frother: IF you want to gift your friend an homemade cappuccino, purchase this insane milk frother. You can make milk foam both at warm and cold temperatures!

IF you have a business woman as a friend, she would surely appreciate the following unconventional gifts:

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  • Puffy Computer Case: how to be cool when carrying your PC around! There are many different patterns you can choose from!
  • Lamp Shaped Candles: an out-of-the-box idea IF you like candles!
  • Multifunctional Power bank: IF you want to combine functionality and beauty, here it comes the perfect gift.
  • Aromatherapy Mist: IF you want to relieve some stress, spray some of this aromatherapy mist and enjoy the new atmosphere.
  • Woman Shaped Candle Holder: HOW COOL?
  • Comfy Pillow: IF you plan to work from home, what better solution than this comfy pillow designed to protect your back?
  • Hair Clip: nowadays, fancy hair clips are back in the spotlight and therefore, they represent a great present option for those into hair care!
  • Teddy Floral Pouch: IF your target is a friend in career or a co-worker, I bet this teddy floral pouch would be absolutely appreciated!
Images Via Passione di Vita Website

Lastly, IF you want to gift an accessories lover, you have to surprise him/her with the most unique and delicate pieces by the Made in Italy brand, Passione di Vita.

IF you are not familiar with this brand yet, you should know that Passione di Vita was born back in March 2020 as a content sharing page. Then, in August, the sale of cute phone straps happened, introducing in Italy a trend that was completely new and innovative at the time. The name itself (Passione Di Vita) derives from the founder passion for life: she says “I love everything about life from flowers to laughs, friends, sustainability, art, cinema, philosophy, literature, irony, travel and more”.

Beyond loving their pieces, I am also fascinated by the idea behind this brand. I believe loving and enjoying life at its fullest is the best reminder a brand could ever transmit. Indeed, the creations by PdV are absolutely worth the purchase both for yourself and beloved ones. Among my favourites, I would propose:

  • Passione di Vita tote bag: nowadays, tote bags are versatile as you can use them for work, grocery and sunday strolls around!
  • Passione di Vita Tee: IF you are looking for unconventional tees to gift, here you have the choice among three different models. These tees are lovely and the one I like the most is the one with the written message on the back! Check it out!
  • Teddy Crossbody bag: As you might know, I am obsessed with everything that is teddy or furry, therefore, I believe that you should definitely gift one of these to your best friend, mum or sister.
  • Phone Strap: the most functional gift you could ever give to someone. Colourful, fun, fancy and useful!
  • Multiple Gold Chains: what an elegant choice!
  • Colorful Treads: I find this colorful tread extremely cool and fashionable! I feel it’s the perfect summer accessory to complete a simple, not sophisticated outfit.
  • Named Necklace: I am so in love with this customised necklace, it looks so good!
  • Velvet Bracelet: best Christmas gift, something delicate and wintery!

I hope this guide helped you out with some new and unconventional ideas!

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