IF you want to revolutionize your skincare routine

IF you are into skincare, this post will serve as a review. However, IF you are not familiar and do not follow a skincare routine yet, this post is perfect for you! Throughout the reading, you will acknowledge the steps of a complete skincare routine both at day and night. Be aware that as a perfectionist, I took into account that you may have a dry, oily, combination or either normal skin.

IF you are curios to deepen your skincare expertise, do not hesitate to read the post!


Given that you have dry type of skin, I suggest you to follow the above steps to have a complete routine. However, be aware that everyone’s skin may have a different reaction to branded products, so it’s up to you to decide what suits yours better. To guide you thorough the skincare routine steps, I would like to suggest accessible products (even some drugstore products will be displayed) that you may decide to purchase.

IF you are interested in the best gentle cleansers, I would recommend the following ones:

IF you are interested in great toners, you should take into account the following ones, especially the latest collection launched by Fenty Beauty:

After applying the toner, it is important to choose the right hydrating serum. The best ones I can suggest are high quality and have super accessible prices!

Let’s now have a look at the weekly essentials to make your skin at its top: in order to have a fresh, clean and glowing skin, I recommend the following peel off/exfoliating masks to do on a regular basis:

Let’s not forget the importance of lip balms: before going to bed, it is fundamental to hydrate face, eyes, neck and OF COURSE, lips. For your lips, the major ally may be the lip balm by LANEIGE, which was voted the best. Recently, I tried also the NUXE reve de miel and it was an absolute elixir for my lips. However, I can go beyond, giving also the following suggestions:


IF you have oily skin, it is crucial to use a foaming cleanser (while dry skins should use a gentle one). However, make sure that the one you pick contains natural and healthy ingredients. IF you are not an expert and want to minimise your time selection, have a look at the following suggestions. Among them, a MUST HAVE is the foaming cleanser by DR Barbara STURM. The latter is even accessible ($55) IF compared to the usual price ranges of the brand!

Let’s now have a look at the clay masks. When you have a oily skin, it is important to avoid clogged pores. To do so, it is fundamental to make a right choice of weekly masks to apply:

Let’s focus also on eye creams: they are absolutely needed as the skin under the eyes is super sensitive and needs to be treated accordingly. Therefore, make sure to purchase a high quality eye cream and apply it both at day and at night!


For combination skins, I would suggest to follow the above skincare routine, taking advantage of a cleansing gel rather than a foaming one for your morning refresh. There are few good ones and among them, I would cite the cleansing gel by Boscia, Sephora Collection or Uriage:

During the night routine, be aware that it is fundamental to apply a serum, especially the retinol one. The latter protects the skin, minimising skin spots generated by the sun exposition. You can find retinol in different forms either as a serum oil or cream. Among the best ones, there are:


Given normal skins, I would like to focus on the moisturiser whose right selection is absolutely key to hydrate the skin. More importantly, IF you are not able to find a SPF moisturiser, I would suggest you to buy a sunscreen cream to apply together with your daily hydration moisturiser. As for sunscreens, there are few REALLY good ones like:

And now, let’s open the big chapter of moisturisers. I have tried many different ones so far and I can personally recommend you a bunch of them because after experimenting, they turned out to really hydrate and nurture my skin.

After this insight on skincare routines and products suggestions, I would love to give you some additional BUT simple tips (resulting from my personal experience and masterclasses I participated to) on how to protect your skin as much as possible. Sharing these tips might help you to redefine your skincare routine, learning how to make it better:

I hope you all enjoy this post and learn something useful! Share your ideas down below in the comments and stay tuned for new skincare posts !!!

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