IF you wanna know the REAL story behind the sisterhood of the travelling (sustainable) pants

First Introduction

IF you think that I forgot about your multiple requests for a sustainability-related post, you do not know me well. After a long research, I finally found what I have been looking for in a while: a REALLY sustainable, fashion brand. Even though you are not into fashion, you should give attention to the changing trends that are going on in fashion. Today, everyone is affecting the surrounding environment throughout its wardrobe. Therefore, I feel that reading the following interview would influence especially those willing to start shopping CONSCIOUSLY.

IF you are one of those attentive readers, at this point you may get even more curios about this mysterious sustainable brand that I have anticipated. Lately, I happened to discover DeMoo Jeans, a sustainable fashion brand specialising in EXTREMELY COOL pants.

I guess it was love at first sight: after looking at DeMoo Jeans IG page (@demoojeans), I got even more undecided between the pants with the painted designs and the ones with the hand-sewed details. Which one suits your taste better?


Indeed, DeMoo Jeans is very close to my heart also because two of the three founders (SasKia and Jess) are twin sisters (like me and mine)! Since they were really young, the twins shared this passion for sustainability together with their best friend, India. Being motivated and a REAL TEAM led them to success. Do you wanna know HOW?

Well, let’s jump in the very interview and let’s ask directly to the three founders!

How did you come up with the idea of upcycled trousers and bands?

The three of us have always been creative – during our 6th form years at school we bought, sold and up-cycled clothing on Depop. From there, DeMoo naturally grew into a business at Durham University and was the result of a charity shopping expedition to Newcastle. We saw a huge amount of designer and good quality denim in charity shops and on second hand sites, so bought it all up and went from there! The idea for our headbands bands came from off-cuts from the jeans we were making!

Via DeMoo Jeans IG account

Ultimately there is a huge interest and demand for second-hand luxury/fashion, do you think is going to last?

Definitely! Gen-Z are leading the sustainable fashion movement but older generations are also becoming more aware of the need to recycle clothing. Some amazing brands and businesses have sprung up in the last few years, making it easy to find, buy and rent second-hand items at the tap of a button. Our favourites second hand businesses are HURR, Vestiaire Collective, Depop and Hire Street!

How does your brand work: do you take unused trousers and you make some art over them?

We aim to be as flexible as possible and cater for everyone’s specific needs and wants. The main part of DeMoo involves us going to charity shop, vintage shops, and scouring the internet for unwanted jeans which we then up-cycle by applying ribbons or hand painting them with unique designs.  

We have a range of sizes and are always getting new stock in so whatever your preferences for waist rise, leg length and denim colour we’ll try and cater for it! We give our customers complete autonomy over their designs so let us know what you’re after and we’ll do our best to make it happen! If you’ve already got a pair of jeans you’d like to have DeMoo-d, then just post them to us and we can up-cycle them for you.

Do you think you may differentiate into completely different products (from trousers) some day soon?

Our ultimate goal is to manufacture our own jeans made from recycled denim. This would involve outsourcing production, rather than sewing all items ourselves. I don’t think we will ever deviate from trousers as our whole business was founded on our love of jeans – its a fundamental part of our brand (and our name wouldn’t make sense without it). We have already started up-cycling denim jackets and corsets too, but who knows what the future holds! The up-cycling opportunities are endless!

What are your inspirations?

Instagram and Pinterest is a great source of inspiration. We connect with so many talented young, female entrepreneurs and business owners who really fuel us on to make our brand bigger and better.

From day 1, we have avidly followed the brand Charlotte Simone. Her coats are divine and her Instagram is so inspiring to follow as she shares business tips and ‘behind the scenes’ photos of her business.

Grace Beverley is also an enormous source of inspiration with her sustainable clothing brand, Tala. Our dream would be to sustainably outsource our manufacturing, as Grace does. She’s 22, and is listed in Forbes 30 under 30 which is pretty incredible!  Influencer wise, we love Emma Louise Connolly. She is a big second-hand clothing buyer and she was spotted in our bands a few years ago. We love how she doesn’t really follow clothing ‘trends’ and always wears such colourful clothing.

Via Tala brand IG account

When did your label start having great success? Where does “DeMoo” name come from?

We started DeMoo in 2018 whilst in our first year at Durham university. We started it as something to fill our time and share our creativity with others – we hadn’t planned for it to grow into the business it is now ! Since 2018 the support we’ve received has been phenomenal and we couldn’t have got to where we are today, without our wonderful online community .

Setting up a business at university was invaluable. You have access to so many amazingly creative, energetic, wonderful people who are keen to get involved with photo shoots, pop-up sales, ambassadorial roles, fashion shows and so on. Instagram has been the key to our success from day 1. At the beginning, we took all our orders through Instagram Direct Message, and we now have 10,000 followers on Instagram!

As well as this, we have featured in 30 Charity Fashion Shows around the UK, helping raise over £7,000 for charity. We have also run our DeMoo Brand Ambassador programme for the past 2 years. Our current Brand Ambassador programme has a girl squad of 14, based in Universities across the UK.

Via DeMoo Jeans IG account

The name DeMoo comes from the denim we up-cycle (‘De’) and our signature cow print, which is at the centre of our branding (‘Moo’).

For people interested in buying your trousers, can you tell the main contacts between IG/website to reach out?

We take all band orders through the Google form in our Instagram bio. If you’d like to buy some jeans, or send us your own jeans to have up-cycled, then just send us a Direct Message on Insta!

Via DeMoo Jeans IG account

IF you liked this post and you are interested in a pair of their trousers, feel free to reach them on Instagram account they are so cute and available to please your needs!

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