IF you wonder the perfect pants in my shopping cart right now

IF you wonder whose brand are the perfect pants in my shopping cart right now, you might be surprised! The combination of most desirable and hottest pants currently on sale is fully offered by the brand new @IloveItHereNy label!

Of course New York City could not not be the perfect venue to make our first fashionable meeting happen. Not surprisingly, while strolling around the City, my eyes crossed these dreamy pair of pants.

The colourful details, the unisex fit, the sewing technique used and the street-style vibe screaming out of these trousers completely caught my attention.

Thanks to Marcus Laquan, the extraordinarily creative mind behind the pants, I finally got to know more about the requirements to develop these clothing pieces. Nothing but passion, creativity and a moment of boredom.

Below, I spoke to Marcus about his work and inspirations so far.

Tell me about the creative process that brought you to develop your first pair of pants?

My first pair of @IloveItHereNy resulted from hunting a way to keep myself busy while we were locked down for quarantine. I did not want to be at home with nothing to do, so I bought a sewing machine and started creating.

After I made a few random things, I decided to make some pants because when building my outfits that’s usually where I start – Marcus concluded while keeping a proud sight on his cool white version of bottoms.

Given your visible interest in sneakers and street-style, what have been your main inspirations when designing those pants?

My main inspiration when creating @IloveItHereNy pants was simply to make something that was different than anything else I was seeing at the moment. Plus, I wanted to stand out whenever I wore them.

Given that I am also a big footwear lover, I wanted them to be very versatile when it came to wearing them with different sneakers or shoes.

How much living in New York City, home to streetwear and street-style, influenced your creativity?

Living in New York City has influenced my creativity more than anything else ever could. This place is like no other place in the world (could not agree more), and while growing up here I was exposed to so many different things. From the music, to the graffiti, to all of the different cultures of people and types of fashion, there is so much here that inspires me when I am creating these pants.

IF you had to describe your brand in a word, what would that be?

IF I had to describe my brand in a word that word would be AUTHENTIC. My goal is simply to create things that truly mean something to me. Things that I actually believe in.

What is the price of the pants? Would you be shipping internationally?

The pants vary in price depending on the different factors that go into creating them. In terms of shipments, I will be shipping internationally (which I personally found a very good news especially for us all fashion geeks).

Given that those pants were born as a result of this willingness to design (in order to fight the boredom), is there a person in your life that stimulated your inner creativity?

I think my inner creativity was sparked by a few people. Growing up my pops (dad) was a real stylish guy. He always wore nice clothes and shoes. His sense of style definitely rubbed off on me. Watching TV and seeing guys like Allen Iverson, Will Smith and Pharrell also helped. They all had their own sense of style, and seeing them made me want to develop my own.

Last but not least, we would like to know if you have any future intentions to diversify in other products?

I do! I am actually working on some things that will be releasing very soon and I cannot wait for people to see them.

Well, it has been such a pleasure chatting with Marcus while supporting the latest launch of his project! Despite the ultra saturated fashion market, his enthusiasm and strong determination is something I believe consumers are craving at the moment. Pretty sure that people are interested in what’s next in @IloveItHereNy and are excited about it as much as I am!

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