IF you want to know how to outfit a white tee

IF you are undecided about what to wear today, keep it simple: wear a white tee. IF I had to think about the simplest clothing piece to wear, I would definitely pick the white t-shirt. It is a MUST HAVE in every person wardrobe as it is easy to outfit. IF you match it properly, it will make you look bomb! What are you waiting for?

IF you want to know how to outfit a white tee, do not miss reading this post and discover the 5 coolest outfits to purchase. All the outfits presented will display beautiful pieces supplied by SHEIN Italia, that as you know is one of my fav low cost e-commerces! Furthermore, SHEIN has a wide range of choice and quality, giving you access to different collections. IF it is not enough, be aware that as a result of the collab with SHEIN ITALIA, you can exploit my discount code:

NOW, Did I convince you enough? YES? OK! Let’s start with the first outfit!


In order to stay comfortable but still fashionable, I would suggest you to outfit the white tee with an extravagant pair of pants. Even IF an outfit seems simple, it does not mean it is not cool: keep in mind that the more details you curate, the better! Therefore, think about which accessories between earrings, bags, jewellery, hair style can add value to your final fit.

On SHEIN, I finally found what I was looking for: this beautiful pair of pants combining white and blue. These trousers are not only perfect for the day but also for the night, especially in the summertime. What is the best match IF not a white tee? As you can see from my outfit, I also added some details like a bunch of jewels that you can easily find on SHEIN ITALIA at a super convenient price! I do not know you but I usually keep the same necklace on myself, however, sometimes I like to change.

IF you are interested in purchasing the whole thing I will leave you the pieces to fasten your shopping experience (click the Search ID to directly see the piece):

As far as the white tee is concerned, I would suggest you specifically for this outfit, to buy an oversize one like this one:


Let’s now focus on the second outfit: it will be slightly more elegant than the previous one. The outfit n2 consists of a pair of pinstripe trousers and a white tee! Personally, I would wear this outfit for both the night and the day! Everything depends again on which accessories you will add to make it either streetwear or night out kinda style. IF I were you, I would were it for the day, together with a pair of Jordans or high heels matched then with a cute bag!

Are you interested in purchasing the whole fit? Well, click the quick links and purchase yours:

For additional WHITE accessories, have a look at these cute high heels, bag, or hair accessories:


Let’s now start from the bottom and let’s think: how can I outfit a pair of jeans in a cool way? Well, it would take you literally 5 seconds to find the best match! Have a look to what I am suggesting to you: a pair of denim jeans with a tight white tee and a SUPER cropped jacket to get the WOW effect! IF you are interested in purchasing the jacket, click the link below:

How about the white tee and the jeans? Well, among my recommendations, there are the following ones:


IF you are a brave girl and you do not mind having your legs uncovered during winter, I would suggest you this elegant pair of black shorts that you can easily outfit with a white tee and cute heels or combat boots! Have a look and purchase your favourite outfit:

For the night out

I would suggest you both an oversize black blazer and beautiful high heels like these ones:

For the day out

I would suggest these pairs of boots: 1, 2 or 3?


After four outfits mostly for the day, I would also suggest you to have a look at this super cute dress that you can find in a wide range of colors. I was personally gifted with the green one, but I was in love with the red one as well. What do you think? To shop it, click the link below:

IF you are interested in any of these pieces, do not waste any more time and make wild purchases at SHEIN ITALIA: IF you do a shopping expense beyond €39, make sure you take advantage of my discount code ifmoda.

This discount code will grant you an extra 15% off: what are you waiting for?

I hope you liked this post: to share your opinion, insert a comment below and let me know what you think!

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