IF you want to get away with Christmas presents, consult the Hypothetical Gift Guide

1. Travel BUT not Traveling ($$$)

IF you are missing travelling and you cannot wait to do it again with the previous lightheartedness, you should definitely read this great news. Apparently, Singapore Airlines is addressing the desire of its customers to travel again, by offering flights to the destination nowhere. What does it mean “destination nowhere”? In few words, Singapore Airlines is providing flights that take off and land in the same airport (the one of Changi in Singapore), lasting no more than 3 hours. During this period of time, passengers are able to experience the travel feeling again, while enjoying breathtaking views from the top. This is absolutely a brilliant idea that beyond allowing the travel experience again, represents also a great tool to boost tourism in such a difficult moment. Of course, this idea is spreading and hopefully, it will reach Italy: its gorgeous views and cities would be absolutely valued through these touristic kinda travels. Indeed, IF Italian airline companies introduced such flights, how many of you would have gifted it to a boy/girlfriend, mum and dad or sibling? Would not it be the BEST gift idea to revive this year Christmas spirit?

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2. Get Lost while consulting SHEIN ($-$$)

IF you always do gifts late and right now, you are unprepared and with 0 ideas in mind, I suggest you to have a look at SHEIN ITALIA website which has a huge offering. I am not just talking about clothes, but also accessories, shoes, make-up, kitchen tools, bed covers, gym equipment and many more… IF you are interested, I recommend you to have a look at the list below including all my own tips (IF you want to look these pieces deeply, you should digit the description below in the search bar!):

  • For your mum or sister: what’s better than a comfy and elegant pyjama? Well, SHEIN seems to have the best choice of pyjamas for you:
  • For your best friend’s favourite dog, you will have a wide range of cute doggy clothes and related accessories. Have a look:
  • For your girlfriend, you may have wide range of things to choose from:

IF you are interested in buying any of these things from SHEIN Italia, be aware that with an expense of over €39, you would get an extra discount of 15%! What are you waiting for? Fill the cart and make wild purchases at SHEIN!

3. Sleep BEAUTIFULLY well ($$-$$$)

IF you are into skin and hair care, another great gift you may like to receive is the silk pillowcase. I am not sure IF many of you are familiar with what I am going to say next, but it seems that the silk pillowcase has incredible benefits for skin, hair and sleep. IF you have never considered buying one, this might be the right moment. As a matter of fact, the silk pillowcase provides less friction on both skin and hair, preventing any type of irritation. Indeed, it keeps a cleaner sleep surface and absorbs less of the moisture and dirt: this pillowcase is absolutely helpful for people with very sensitive skin. IF you are interested in gifting one to your dearest mum, friend, brother, sister, auntie have a look at this selection I made for you (different price ranges and models):

4. Special Candles ($-$$)

IF you are looking for candles to gift, I may have some recommendations for you. Yesterday, while scrolling my insta feed, I came across this absolutely cool idea of candles. Beyond having amazing scents, they seem to be the MOST perfect and cutest gift for Christmas: you may wonder WHY? Well, these candles have super cool and funny written sentences on, that make them an absolutely MUST have! IF you wanna have a look at the insta profile I am talking about, swipe up!

For all the Harry’s fans

IF you are interested in more minimalist candles, I suggest you to check the scented candle line released as a result of the collab between Ikea and Byredo. This line is called Osynlig and it includes 13 candles with scents divided into fresh, floral and woody categories. Each candle comes in a hand-formed, glazed ceramic vessel that’s meant to be reused. The candles come in three different sizes and ranges of price:

BUT I am not done with candles YET. While I was in New York, I felt in love with this wonderful and unique store called Bath & Body Works. The latter sells tons of fragrances, candles, soaps, car perfumes and scent sanitisers: you cannot even imagine how many quality products it has!

IF you wanna see more, have a look at their website! Unfortunately, there are not many stores in Europe as in the US but IF it is any consolation to you, there is a quite big store located in Milan:

5. Purchase the Latest Collabs ($$$)

IF you are willing to purchase a more luxurious present, you should definitely consider the latest collabs which came up few weeks ago. First of all, I would mention the ‘TO ANOTHER LEVEL collab’ between Amina Muaddi and A$ap Rocky, displaying truly beautiful and unique high heels. The collab is available in few physical stores (e.g. Antonioli Milan or Selfridges in London) and on luxury e-commerces such as Fartfetch and Mytheresa!

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To see some pieces of the newest collection, keep scrolling down:

Another cool collab to take into consideration is the one between Crocs and Drew, the fashion label owned and founded by the singer Justin Bieber. Many adored it as the new crocs perfectly match comfort and street style: and you, are you interested in these newest Crocs?

Lastly, IF you have an high budget, you should consider this super hype collab between NBA and Louis Vuitton: its pieces are amazing and I cannot think of a cooler present for your eventual boyfriend, friend, dad or brother. IF you wanna have a sneak peak of the looks present in the collection, keep scrolling!

IF you read until here, I hope you appreciated my recommendations. Hopefully, I was helpful enough to make you done with the hunt for Christmas presents. Until next year, I wish a very special Christmas and New Year’s Eve (as much as it can be given those times) to every Hypothetical Reader!

Until next post, KEEP STAYING SUPER TUNED <3.

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