IF you want to SH(E)IN(E) during Christmas holidays, purchase these looks

IF you are exhausted of living in your pajamas or sweatpants and cannot wait to start wearing REAL outfits again, I feel you. Yes, it is comfy to be 24/7 in loose pants and wool sweaters, BUT how frustrating it’s not wearing a proper outfit for this long? Well, my solution to this would be keep planning outfits and be ready to serve them once the quarantine will be over.

You may wonder what do I mean by planning outfits? Well, as a real shopaholic, I am daily looking for clothes online BUT lately, I spent so much time on a e-commerce in particular: SHEIN.

IF you are not familiar with SHEIN yet, you should know that it is an amazing e-commerce with a huge offering: it displays clothes (of any type, taste, color and shape), accessories, shoes, kitchen tools and even pet supplies. LITERALLY whatever you may think of, SHEIN has it and the best part is that this e-commerce has really competitive prices. You will find extremely fashionable, good quality items at a relative low price.

I discovered SHEIN this summer seeking for some bikinis and it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGTH. Since then, I turned out to be extremely satisfied with my purchases and despite the affordable price, every piece looked good both in terms of quality and durability.

Given my passion for this e-commerce, I could not be prouder and happier to announce my collaboration with SHEIN! So, what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling and discovering what SHEIN gifted me! IF you want to gift yourself too, use my discount code:


Among the MUST HAVE, I would suggest you all have in your wardrobe at least one oversize jacket like the one I received (below you find the quick link of the product as well as its search ID) :

Beyond being extremely soft, the jacket fits perfectly with everything: you may either outfit it with a pair of jeans and a tee or a more sophisticated turtle neck sweater. BE AWARE that this jacket is available in many other designs and shapes. IF you liked this jacket, I am pretty sure you may also love these alternatives:


IF you are a classy and refined kinda type, I suggest you then to purchase this Chanel inspired blazer. The fabric is so curated in details and the fit is absolutely lit! You can decide to outfit it with a pair of jeans and a white tee (without taking it too seriously) or you may decide to purchase the total set!

However, as I told you, SHEIN has a WIDE and HUGE offer and therefore, you may also like:


In the winter season, your wardrobe must be equipped with two essentials: one cardigan and at least, one turtle neck. SHEIN also thought about this, gifting me a super chic red (just to dare a bit) cardigan: it is soft and super comfy. IF I were you, I would wear it with high waist pants since it is a cropped cardigan! To purchase it, scroll down:

I absolutely recommend this specific cardigan because it is so stylish and I love how it fits. IF you like it, you may also consider these other options available on SHEIN:

As for the turtle neck, I could not show you this beautiful turtle neck. Beyond being extremely soft, it is sososo cute and I am loving it so much! Tell me IF you haven’t fallen in love too once you saw it:


SHEIN knows that I love mini bags and that is why it gifted me a super cool little bag that you can either use as a cross body or hand- carried bag. The perfect accessory to finish up your outfit? Well, have a look at this:

Among the alternatives, I propose you the following bags you may also like:

IF you are more keen to purchase a trendy BUT spacious kinda bag, I suggest you to buy this black one. I love how it looks and its intertwined design… You can use it as an everyday bag because it combines style and functionality in a perfect way!

Among the alternatives, I can suggest to you the following:

IF you like every piece I showed you, what are you waiting for? Fill your cart and make wild purchases at SHEIN ITALIA!

NOTE that IF you make an expense of over 39€ on SHEIN ITALIA, you can get an EXTRA 15% OFF using my discount code: ifmoda !!! HURRY UP because all these items are running out fast!!!!

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