IF you are a fashion-art lover in NYC

IF you are looking for an exaggerated, fashion-artistic exhibition and you are currently in NYC, don’t waste time and run to The Metropolitan Museum of Art!

Located in 1000 5th Ave, until September 8th, MET hosts an extravagant insight on CAMP.

IF you don’t know what CAMP IS, you should be aware that this short word represents an aesthetic style and sensibility that refers to something as appealing due to its bad taste and ironic value.

This exhibition shows a development of the CAMP style throughout time and moving through the rooms, you can surely perceive it.

IF you get the real essence of the exhibition, you will certainly be dragged into the final room which is INSANE. Here, many amazing stylists’ works consistent with the CAMP theme (OF COURSE!) are collected and exposed in their maximum splendour. IF you are interested to see what I am talking about, keep scrolling!

This is just a sneak peak of the exhibition… Trust me, it’s really worth it and so, don’t miss it IF you are in NYC!

IF you are looking for some exhibition souvenirs, there is a little shop next by where you can make some CAMP purchases….

T-shirt of Alessandro Michele (Gucci’s designer)

After the visit at MET, IF you want to fill your belly you should definitely go to LUKE’S LOBSTER: one of the most famous places where to eat the lobster roll in the Big Apple.

IF you have an excellent palate as for seafood, try the combo of fish roll and fries and get entrapped into a very typical, marine place like this one.

IF you want to understand what I am talking about, scroll down.

Crab Roll (lobster and shrimps rolls is available too)

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